To achieve growth over the Internet, every company requires a flamboyant digital marketing strategy. With the ever-changing aspects of the Internet, it is necessary that you correspond correctly with the time and have an accurate strategy. Due to so many options and improper channels, it has also become confusing for brands to choose the correct marketing strategy. Read the article to learn about the benefits of email marketing and text marketing.

For garnering the best return on investment (ROI) over marketing tools, the foremost requirement is to know more about your targeted audience and their behavior. For example, if your main audience is youth, it is obvious that they tend to have more attachment to the Internet. That’s one closer benefit of email marketing. However, a necessity in availing of either of these is that you design your content or information in such a way that it doesn’t appear like spam in the first look itself.

While moving forward, you need to focus on an effective email marketing strategy that works fine with other factors associated with your product. Out of many, one of the prominent benefits of email marketing is that it is not limited to words or just simple texts, you can stretch it to as much as you want and also attach attractive graphics to catch the user’s attention.

What is Email marketing?

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a business strategy in which companies send a commercial message to an individual or group of people, containing information about their product or service. The foremost intention of sending the email is to generate sales. There are several benefits of email marketing, which we will discuss below.

Instead of focusing on bulk mailings that are one size fits all, modern email marketing instead emphasizes consent, segmentation, and personalization. Although it may seem time-consuming, marketing automation does most of the labor-intensive work for you. In the long term, a successful email marketing approach not only increases revenue but also fosters brand community.

Email marketing remains the most economical option for promoting your brand online, despite the rising popularity of social media and influencer marketing. For your email marketing plan to be successful in 2021, it should be optimized for the newest innovations and trends. One thing that needs to be taken care of is that you must optimize your email marketing for mobile as email is predicted to reach 4.2 billion users during the next three years and 62% of all emails were read on mobile devices in 2019.

Compared to all other channels, email has the greatest reach and is still the primary method of communication for business people. Read on to know the benefits of email marketing and also the disadvantages associated with it:

Benefits of email marketing

● Flexible Designs: You can send simple text, images, or files as attachments, depending on what best matches your message. You have the flexibility to communicate your company branding thanks to a variety of design alternatives.

● Enhances trust: People believe that email is formal and adds a sense of authenticity. It leads to high conversion rates and is often filled with attractive images and graphics to lure customers in clicking on the external links.

● ROI: It has been found that emails have a higher return on investment as the customer acquisition rate of email is higher than other forms of marketing.

● Potential: You can save a tonne of time, effort, and money by automating your email marketing. Automation also offers higher conversion and click rates when paired with analytics.

● Shareable: Email also offers ease of sharing to the readers. For example, if you have any email you can directly send it from there itself to your friends, relatives, known ones, or colleagues.

What are the disadvantages of email marketing?

Email marketing is still successful, but it has certain drawbacks. Here are some things to remember while using email marketing.

● Spam: The prominent disadvantage associated with email marketing is that they can end up looking spammy. This happens mostly when the email is larger and has impersonal lists. That is why it is necessary to customize the email well and ensure that it complies with the data privacy laws.

● Lower click-through and open rates: The most significant issue with email marketing is certainly low click-through and open rates. With inboxes being bombarded on a regular basis, it can be difficult to ensure that your messages are read.

● Filters: To categorize inboxes, the majority of email service providers use rigorous filters. For instance, Gmail classifies some emails as “important” which automatically reduces the appearance of promotional emails.

What is Text Marketing?

Text Marketing

Text Marketing refers to the form of marketing used by businesses to send promotional information through SMS. SMS marketing is a huge chance to grab customers; attention is given to the growing use of mobile devices.

Text marketing differs distinctly from email marketing as the approaches and audiences are highly different. An SMS immediately catches the user’s attention when it is received. Around 75% of individuals stated they prefer to get promotions by text, while the average response time for SMS is just under 90 seconds. Additionally, 65% or more of marketers claim that SMS marketing is highly successful for them. In addition, 82% of respondents claim to read all messages they get.

Advantages of Text Marketing

● Short and Direct: SMS consist of just a few characters which means that the information conveyed is very short, crisp, and direct which will attract customers quickly.

● No internet required: An SMS can be sent or received without using the Internet or a smartphone, which means a larger audience is reached by your marketing initiatives.

● High user engagement: In comparison to email, responding to an SMS only takes 90 seconds, and consumers are more likely to click on a CTA in a text message since it is brief and to the point.

● SMS doesn’t require formalities such as opening the mailbox, curating the mail, and many more.

Disadvantages of Text Marketing

The text and media constraints of SMS marketing are two of its primary drawbacks. It might also irritate your potential customers if your advertising timing and frequency are incorrect.

● Character Limitations: Because a single text message may only include 160 characters, marketers must be especially creative in order to send clear and powerful messages.

● Unwanted texts cause people to react adversely. Verify that you have their consent to text them and that the SMS marketing you are using conforms with privacy and data protection laws.

● Relationship: Lack of client trust can be brought on by sending an endless stream of SMS messages or by sending messages that are badly constructed, which can lead to customers choosing not to subscribe.

● Potential consumers may become irritated if text messages are sent at an inappropriate time, such as in the middle of the night while people are asleep.

Difference between email marketing and text marketing?

There are several benefits of email marketing and text marketing and disadvantages as well. However, you must ensure a proper strategy before initiating the campaign.

It can be difficult to decide between SMS marketing and email marketing due to constantly shifting client preferences and new marketing technologies. Here are some things to think about while selecting the best marketing campaign approach:

● Open Rate: When comparing open rates, SMS marketing easily outperforms email marketing. While email only has an average open rate of 20%, SMS campaigns may reach as high as 98%. Therefore, text message response rates are substantially greater than email response rates.

● Because receivers receive notifications right away and typically have a higher chance of being noticed, text messaging is a more direct method of reaching clients. Email open rates are about 90 minutes, whereas texts are typically opened 90 seconds after delivery.

● Customisation: Compared to SMS messages, where you are only allowed 160 characters, email campaigns are significantly more customizable. Make sure your message is brief, concise, and free of all filler if you decide to use an SMS campaign. Use email to send links, attachments, photos, videos, forms, and other content. Through colors, style, and the logo, it also clearly conveys your brand’s tone and voice.

● Price: The price of a text marketing campaign varies depending on its length, the number of messages delivered, and the location. Additionally, it depends on the carrier and service provider. Compared to other marketing strategies, email campaigns are often less expensive; nonetheless, the cost of email personalization varies from company to company and is dependent on the type of campaign.

● Delivery: Most of the emails end up in spam folders and don’t have the required amount of reach. While at the same time, SMS are instant and one can see them instantly when they open up the notification bar.


1. What is the prominent benefit of email marketing?

Ans: The most significant benefit of email marketing is that it can be customized and does not have constraints on text size.

2. Which of the tools is the most effective marketing strategy for me?

Ans: This entirely depends upon the niche and audience your company serves.

3. Does email marketing assure success?

Ans: You can specifically design your mail to attract customers which can further increase the leads and conversions, thus, ensuring success.

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