How beneficial are both: Organic Vs Paid Digital Marketing


The promotion of brands via the internet and other digital communication channels is known as digital marketing, also termed online marketing. This comprises text and multimedia messaging as well as email, social media, and web-based advertising as a marketing platform.

Several kinds of methods and tactics are used to lure the customers in purchasing the product, engage with the brand, and give relevant information about the brand to the customer. Digital marketing often refers to campaigns that display on a computer, phone, tablet, or other devices. A few of its examples include online video, display advertisements, search engine marketing, sponsored social ads, and social media postings.

Now, there are two approaches to digital marketing, one is paid while the other one is organic. As the name suggests, organic marketing is a method through which you grow your customer base with SEO practices over time, but, paid marketing includes attracting a large number of visitors and customers quickly by displaying ads and sponsored posts over the internet.

What is organic digital marketing?

Organic digital marketing is a form of advertising over the internet which forms a customer base over a longer period of time. This is done with the help of content marketing, SEO practices, and the higher use of digital tactics to attract customers. Organic digital marketing aims to establish a connection with customers with the help of regular social media posts, which could include informational content (in an entertaining way) to put forth your business as the best possible vendor for the product/service they wish to buy.

Organic digital marketing, essentially, is meant to form a customer base that loves your brand for its product, services, and content. The decision to put meaningful and engaging content is an obscure one and is done with great attention. The result of organic digital marketing can be calculated with the traffic visible on websites, social media engagement, and a rise in sales after a while.

What is paid digital marketing?

Paid digital marketing is a form of advertising in which a brand pays other websites and search engines to display its product/services for a period of time as a priority. The ads which you see on the websites are an example of it. These ad forms include banners, images, hyperlinked texts, social media posts, and top-ranking websites in the search results.

Brands opt for paid digital marketing because it serves their purpose quickly and helps in increasing brand awareness to lure new and potential customers. Brands have the liberty to choose what kinds of ads they want, at what location they want to serve, the time period, age of users, platforms, and more geographically based metrics as well.

What are the advantages of organic digital marketing?


The primary goal of organic digital marketing is to establish and maintain an emotional connection with both, the existing and potential customer, so that ultimately when they decide to purchase the product, the first brand that comes to their mind is yours. Still not convinced? Read out the following advantages associated with organic digital marketing:

● Creates a high-value and genuine connection with the customer base that will build your reputation and image as a leading part of the industry.

Organic digital marketing is cost-effective as it saves money on promotion. With correct SEO practices, a large customer base gets built automatically.

● Organic digital marketing ensures that you craft a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with the customers, who in turn can bring in many more new and potential customers through word-of-mouth recommendations.

● Search engines like Google treat you as a leading company in the industry which can also increase your website traffic.

● Organic digital marketing helps you in attaining positive reviews and feedback, which are also the backbone of decisions made by a new customer.

● The customers garnered through organic digital marketing are not just concerned with specific campaigns and programs, but also visit your website later.

What are the disadvantages of organic digital marketing?

Deemed to be more ethical in business houses, organic digital marketing still has its bench of disadvantages as well which can prove substantial in your business. These include:

● The procedure of utilizing organic digital marketing is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and does not come with a guarantee of better short-term results.

● With tons of websites available on the internet, the competition for ranking in organic sources is higher than ever.

Organic digital marketing comes with a serious issue of unreliability, even after using correct SEO practices and keywords, you have no command over who sees your content.

● Your website and social media handles need to be regular with updating the content otherwise the user engagement soon dies off.

● Organic digital marketing can turn out to be fruitful only if your website ranks higher on the search engine.

What are the advantages of paid digital marketing?


Paid digital marketing has its own benefits attached to its practices. It is a renowned fact that paid digital marketing leads to quicker results and is specific campaign-oriented, thus, ensuring better results in a hurry. Check out the advantages that come when associated with a paid digital marketing campaign:

● The reach through paid digital marketing is manifold higher as it is up to the company to decide how far they want their campaign to exceed.

Paid digital marketing is highly time-efficient as advertising with paid techniques can yield instant results.

● A strong aspect of paid digital marketing is that it is measurable, companies can choose a target audience and graphical area, and in the end, they can measure the real-time traffic with ease. This gives you an upper hand in deciding what metric you need in further campaigns.

● It enhances the online presence of the business as people are most likely to engage with the ad they deem entertaining or informative.

Paid digital marketing increases the website traffic significantly, indirectly resulting in higher conversions and leads.

What are the disadvantages associated with paid digital marketing?

Preferred by a plethora of companies, several disadvantages come when your digital marketing strategy goes on the way to being paid. These include:

● These do not come with the assurance of being long-term as the reach dies out as soon as the ad timers get over.

● Audiences generally see paid digital marketing as less credible because of the conventional approach of the audience towards marketing.

● The ROI factor gets limited as the campaigns work out only until the money flows to them.

● Leads and traffic don’t need to maintain the sales, customers sometimes just visit the website and leave without purchasing either of the items.

What kind of services are used for digital marketing?

Many tactics and methods are deployed for proficient and successful digital marketing strategies for accumulating better results such as:

SEO: It is the process through which content is optimized for better reach and easier crawling through search engines. It is a set of practices that are utilized for better ranking and clicks. For achieving this goal, the main task is proper keyword placement.

Social Media Marketing: Almost every internet user is now on different social media websites, thus, it is necessary for you to advertise through mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. for better growth and reach. This could include sponsored posts, eye-soothing images, entertaining content, etc.

Email Marketing: The ancient and still efficient method of digital marketing. A lot of people, especially professionals, regularly hop in their mailboxes, thus, these could certainly guarantee better results. The condition however is to include engaging and attractive content.

PPC: Ads are placed on numerous websites by the company that offers digital ad services. These also include ranking your website on top of search engine results (with the tag of “ad”).

How beneficial are both to my creative digital marketing campaign?

Both the approaches of digital marketing campaigns come with their string of benefits and disadvantages, however, it must be recognized that both of them are necessary if any brand aspires to be on top of its marketing game. The traditional methods of marketing have now lost their touch, that is, why companies need to switch towards digital marketing.

Most of the youth now feel a connection with the brand if it has fair visibility over the Internet, and the companies must stick to the fact that a large number of online buyers still include the youth. However, at the same time, it is necessary to decide which of the approaches yields better results for your business. This depends entirely on your niche and business scale.

A few points to remember while working on digital marketing strategy:

● Know the most valued aspect of your business that you want to sell. This could be any of your products or services. This can easily match the maximum amount of traffic.

● Be sure of the audience you want to reach out to for a better outcome of any digital marketing strategy.

● You must understand which platform could yield better results for you i.e. for some, Twitter might work the best while for others it could be Instagram.

● Go through your metrics and business insights so that you can choose the metrics accordingly, you could also take the help of agencies for this purpose.


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